The Department of homeland in 2015 issued a rare earth tungsten ore mining total control index


Competent departments of land and resources in the provinces and autonomous regions:
Advantages for the protection and rational exploitation of mineral resources, according to the "national mineral resources planning (2008-2015)" and the implementation of protective mining specific minerals related regulations, Research Department identified 2015 annual rare earth ore and tungsten ore mining total control index. The relevant matters shall be notified as follows:
One, 2015 annual national rare earth ore (rare earth oxide REO) mining total control index is 105000 tons, of which the ion type (in the medium and heavy rare earth) 17900 tons of rare earth ore, rock type (light) rare earth ore index 87100 tons. The tungsten concentrate (tungsten trioxide content 65%) control index of total mining 91300 tons, of which the main production index of 73300 tons, 18000 tons comprehensive utilization index.
The province (District) rare earth tungsten ore mining total control index of the specific distribution see annex.
Two, China Minmetals Corp, Aluminium Corp, Baotou iron and steel (Group) Co., Ltd., Xiamen tungsten industry Limited by Share Ltd, Ganzhou rare earth group Co. Ltd., Guangdong Rare Earth Industry Group Co. Ltd 6 integration of the rare earth group restructuring plan has the relevant departments approved the record. To promote the restructuring and optimization of rare earth industry structure, according to the State Council to accelerate the implementation of rare earth enterprise groups strategic requirements, the inclusion of rare earth group and integrated restructuring has been completed, indicators in the province (District), the competent departments of land and resources by a single number issued to the rare earth mining enterprises, not into the group or integrated restructuring is not completed, continue to be allocated by the province (District).
Three, timely decomposition of indicators and the implementation of responsibility. The provincial competent departments of land and resources should be in strict accordance with the provisions, earnestly index decomposition and issued work, timely indicators of decomposition to cities and counties or enterprises, responsible for the classification, implementation, and in 30 working days in the Provincial Department issued indicators (District) tungsten rare earth ore index and assigned to the group of rare earth rare earth ore decomposition indicators issued, notice and report to the Ministry of. County Land and resources department in charge of mining enterprises to sign a responsibility, clear the rights, obligations and liability for breach of contract.
Four, strengthen statistical reports and supervision and inspection. The mining right person should earnestly implement the monthly and quarterly reports of rare earth tungsten mine system, timely, accurate, standardized to carry out online reporting. The competent departments of land and resources at all levels to take measures to strengthen the inspection and verification of rare earth ore and tungsten mining index of the implementation of the enterprise, is strictly prohibited without permission will be transferred to other enterprises index. The comprehensive utilization of tungsten enterprises to control production, implementation of the verification work of the comprehensive utilization of enterprise distribution index is insufficient, the actual production situation truthfully report.
Five, the construction project of the recycling of rare earth resources, should be included in the total amount of mining control indicators and strict supervision and management.
Six, the Department will be all over the decomposition of the total amount of the total control indicators, the implementation of monthly and quarterly reporting system to check the situation, timely organization to carry out the implementation of the index verification. Problems encountered by the competent departments at all levels of local land resources in the work should be promptly reported to the Ministry of land and resources.
On the rare earth tungsten ore prospecting and mining rights management, the new document issued before, "according to the Ministry of land and resources issued 2014 annual rare earth tungsten ore mining total control index of the notice" (made 2014 executive No. 65).